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Oct 24th
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Nepalese Pray and Send Love to Taiwan

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We aren’t able to help, but at least we can pray…... Nepalese are praying for the safety of all Taiwanese affected by the earthquake.

On 6th Feb 2016, Nepal Tzu Chi volunteers conducted a praying session for the safety of all Taiwanese affected by the earthquake. Nine volunteers gathered for the praying session first before moving over to Liwali IDP camp, where Tzu Chi has offered assistance and love these past months since the Nepal earthquake.

As volunteers shared with local residents news of the Taiwan earthquake, local residents were saddened and gathered together for the praying session. With more than fifty participants, the praying session started with lighting of the candles, as everyone prayed sincerely.

Tzu Chi, which originated from Taiwan, came to Nepal after the massive April earthquake, providing needy assistance and care to victims. Currently, Taiwan is facing a similar situation. Though we aren’t able to send any reliefs over, we can pray and send our love.

Written by Unish Khyaju, Nepal