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May 28th
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Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile

Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile It has been a few months since a powerful earthquake in February rocked the South American country of Chile. Chile is doing its best to emerge from the destruction, assisted in part by a small contingent of newly minted Tzu Chi volunteers. These volunteers, all of Chinese descent, remain active in the country even though the urgent need for their services has now subsided. As seeds naturally sprout when planted in fertile soil, so these volunteers have sprouted in the aftermath of the disaster. Though small in number, they are taking root and reaching deep into the soil, giving rise to the hope that they will grow luxuriantly in the months and years ahead, inspire more people to join them, and form a larger force to promote Tzu Chi and Great Love among everyone they touch.Read more...

Ding Hua’s Recycling Route

Ding Hua’s Recycling RouteRiding around the city of Kaohsiung on her motor scooter, recycling volunteer Di... Read more...

Martial Arts Teacher Becomes Pioneer of Tzu Chi in Jordan

Martial Arts Teacher Becomes Pioneer of Tzu Chi in JordanIn 1974, a Taiwanese man of 24 arrived in Jordan to teach martial arts to the co... Read more...

Textile Tycoon Swaps Putting Greens for Green Products

Textile Tycoon Swaps Putting Greens for Green ProductsHuang Huade used to play golf every day of the week until he went on a relief mi... Read more...

Dr. Ng Poh Yin

Dr. Ng Poh YinCompassion welled up from within the depths of Dr. Ng Poh Yin’s heart when she s... Read more...
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