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Aug 25th
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A Time to Protect Life

A Time to Protect LifeIn modern times, many Chinese people perform rituals on certain days to seek blessings. Many of these rituals involve animals, such as offering meat or freeing animals into the wild. Although these rituals are based on good intentions, in reality, they create bad karma.Read more...

Paper Money: Overcoming the Superstition

Paper Money: Overcoming the SuperstitionMany Chinese people believe it is important to burn paper money for their ancest... Read more...

Wisdom vs. Superstition

Wisdom vs. Superstition [ Master's Teachings ]
In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, many people make... Read more...

The Month of Auspiciousness

The Month of Auspiciousness [ Master's Teachings ]
Editor’s note: In observing the Chinese tradition of the sev... Read more...

Giving with a Pure Heart

Giving with a Pure Heart [ Master's Teachings ]
The Buddha teaches us that we must not cultivate only to ben... Read more...
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