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Jun 06th
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The Story of Dharma Master Yin Shun

The Story of Dharma Master Yin ShunWhenever people speak about Buddhist philosophy, the name Master Yin Shun often pops into their minds. His numerous writings have restored the fundamental meaning of Buddhism and, at the same time, opened up a new dimension for people today to investigate the Buddhist doctrines built up over the last couple of millennia. Now aged ninety-seven, the old master has been dubbed The Gem of the Buddhist Land" or simply "The Mentor" by most Buddhists on Taiwan.

On March 12, 1906, Chang Lu-ching was born prematurely in a little village in Zhejiang Province, China, near Shanghai. On the eleventh day after his birth, a critical illness nearly snatched this feeble life from the world. Who would have guessed that this weak infant would later become a leading mentor of Buddhism?Read more...

When East Meets West

When East Meets West To most Western people, "Tzu" and "Chi" are just two transliterated Chinese word... Read more...

The World is Impermanent

The World is  ImpermanentAll our lives rely on the land. The Buddha said, "The world is impermanent, the ... Read more...
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