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Aug 21st
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The Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital

The Taipei Tzu Chi General HospitalThe first in-patient
One night in the orthopedics ward, Kao Wang Ho had trouble falling asleep. The 70-year-old matron was scheduled for surgery the following day, and thinking about it made her uneasy. She rang her bell throughout the night to summon nurses to her side for companionship.

Dr. Tseng Hsiao-tsu was on call that night. He knew that all the nurses were quite busy, and he decided to come to the ward to keep Kao company. Aware of her anxiety about the upcoming surgery, he spent the night on the bed next to Kao's. They chatted and he joked lightly with her to put her mind at ease. Soon, Kao fell asleep peacefully.Read more...

Earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Earthquake in Yogyakarta, IndonesiaA strong earthquake shook an Indonesian town named Yogyakarta, causing thousands... Read more...

Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

Taipei Tzu Chi HospitalThe opening of the Xindian Tzu Chi Hospital * signifies the beginning of both new ... Read more...

How Can We Not Love Our Children?

How Can We Not Love Our Children?South African teachers and students boarded a plane in Johannesburg, South Afric... Read more...

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South Asia

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South AsiaJust after Christmas,
an overwhelming undersea earthquake
caused a series of Tsuna...
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