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Jun 06th
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The Four Bodhisattva Practices

The Four Bodhisattva Practices[Master's Teachings]
The journey to Buddhahood is very long. On this journey one must walk the Bodhisattva Path and practice the six paramitas: giving, precepts, forbearance, diligence, samadhi, and wisdom. However, cultivators often become tired along the way. To help us overcome this challenge, we need to develop the spirit of the Four Bodhisattva Practices.Read more...

A Time to Protect Life

A Time to Protect LifeIn modern times, many Chinese people perform rituals on certain days to seek ble... Read more...

Paper Money: Overcoming the Superstition

Paper Money: Overcoming the SuperstitionMany Chinese people believe it is important to burn paper money for their ancest... Read more...

Wisdom vs. Superstition

Wisdom vs. Superstition [ Master's Teachings ]
In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, many people make... Read more...

The Month of Auspiciousness

The Month of Auspiciousness [ Master's Teachings ]
Editor’s note: In observing the Chinese tradition of the sev... Read more...
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