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Jun 06th
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Buddha Day: Repaying Kindness

Buddha Day: Repaying Kindness Every year, we celebrate the three occasions of Mother’s Day, Buddha Day, and Tzu Chi Day all together on the 2nd Sunday in May. In celebrating the three occasions as one, we hope to achieve a harmonious society by educating the general public to do good, be filial to their parents, and repay the Buddha’s kindness.Read more...

Practicing Goodness to Accumulate Virtue

Practicing Goodness to Accumulate Virtue[ Master's Teachings ]
Throughout my life, I have always had three daily prayers. F... Read more...

Great Love and Lasting Compassion

Great Love and Lasting CompassionIt is 2016 already. This year is Tzu Chi’s 50th anniversary; time truly flies by... Read more...

Is It Worthwhile to Give Love to the Students?

Is It Worthwhile to Give Love to the Students? A young man asked: Master, do you believe your work in establishing the medical s... Read more...

A Society with Love and Kindness

A Society with Love and Kindness [ Master's Teachings ]
Today is the first day of the Year of the Monkey. During the... Read more...
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