Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation

Aug 20th
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Developing a Heart of Equality

Developing a Heart of Equality[Master's Teachings]
With Tzu Chi volunteers in over 50 countries, when disasters happen locally, volunteers nearby will mobilize to bring aid and comfort to people in need. It was through such disaster relief distributions by Tzu Chi volunteers that a local government official came to know more about Tzu Chi. Wanting to learn more, this official came to Taiwan and visited the foundation’s headquarters in Hualien. Touched and inspired by the spirit of selfless love that he witnessed in Tzu Chi volunteers and in the work they do, and though neither Asian nor Buddhist, this official expressed to Dharma Master Cheng Yen his wish to become her disciple. Accepting him, the Master took time to explain the following concepts to him so that as a disciple, he would have the right view toward religion and walk on the right path when he returned to his country:Read more...

Living Worthwhile Lives

Living Worthwhile Lives [ Master's Teachings ]
My first thought each morning when I wake up is always one... Read more...

Cultivation in Everyday Life

Cultivation in Everyday Life [ Master's Teachings ]
With the completion of the construction on the Main Hall at ... Read more...

Seizing Upon the Seed of a Good Thought

Seizing Upon the Seed of a Good Thought [ Master's Teachings ]
In a conversation with Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a renowned w... Read more...

How to Avoid Inter-Personal Conflicts?

How to Avoid Inter-Personal Conflicts?People asked: “Tzu Chi is a huge organization, with many outstanding entrepreneu... Read more...
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