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Aug 09th
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Tzu Chi Annual Grant-in-Aid Presentation - A Token to Ease the Burden of Parents - The Cycle of Love

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Tzu Chi Annual Grant-in-Aid Presentation - A Token to Ease the Burden of Parents
The Cycle of Love
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The Cycle of Love
Grant-in-aid was given to about 1,400 students from 144 schools in Melaka by Tzu Chi Melaka. About RM430,000 was given out this year. The presentation ceremony was held in two sessions - in the morning and afternoon.

Tzu Chi Melaka began distributing grant-in-aid to poor students since 1998. Volunteers went to 281 schools personally to deliver the application forms and explain its purpose. The schools gave their full cooperation in recommending candidates. They also invited Tzu Chi to give talks on environmental protection and story-telling. Some schools even organized tours to Tzu Chi.

Accepting the test in life
Twelve-year-old Hazman Shahir is a special child. He suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and has to have a tracheostomy tube installed at his neck to help him breathe. Despite this, he still achieved 4As and 1B in the UPSR examination without any tuition.

On December 7, 2008, Hazman Shahir and his mother, Hazlina, were present to share during the Grant-in-aid Presentation Ceremony.

Hazman said, "I have a great mother who takes care of me everyday. I believe that as long as I work hard, I can still be successful even with my handicap."

Hazlina said, "It is not easy to take care of such a child. I am glad that he is very understanding and hardworking. Dear students, you must study hard because education can change our lives and our families. Children are God's gift, be they good or bad, parents must cherish them!"

Two of Hazlina's four children suffer from spinal muscular atrophy. She has to send them to school personally everyday, and has to bring along suction pipes to help them clear their sputum. Besides taking care of the children, she still has to work for a living; but she does all this without complaints.

Kusihire, a form 4 student said he must learn from Hazman. He attended the presentation ceremony, and learned that there were people whose conditions were worse than his.

Besides being a handicapped, Kusihire's father also suffers from heart disease, asthma and diabetes. Being the eldest in the family, Kusihire had to wash cars during the weekends whenever his father was too ill to work. He also had to pick up recyclables with his parents everyday from about 2 to 5 am.

Kusihire had never expected Tzu Chi volunteers to turn up to help them during their toughest time. He was glad that he could continue his studies with the grant-in-aid.

I can help others
Single mother Vijayarani came with her four children. Her 11 year-old son, Praveen, donated RM50 after receiving the grant-in-aid. Vijayarani supports her son's generous act because she has already found a job and life is better off for her family now.

Vijayarani lost her job a few months ago. When volunteers visited her house, the whole family was surviving on white rice and chilies. Emergency relief was provided to the family.

The family is poor but very contented. The children help out with the housework and are doing well in their studies too. Their house is also sparkling clean and tidy.

When Praveen received the grant-in-aid from Tzu Chi last year, he brought home a bamboo bank. This year, when volunteers visited him, he returned the bamboo bank filled with money he had kept. When he heard that Tzu Chi collects recyclables, he also donated a bag of aluminium cans he has collected. Praveen and his brother also donated the money in the money packets they received when the volunteers visited them during Deepavali. They have truly set a good example for all to follow.

Kannan and family each adopted a bamboo bank. He said he donated money when he saw volunteers raising funds for disaster victims in Myanmar and Sichuan. He had never expected the cycle of love to form so fast from the time his eldest daughter was given the grant-in-aid.

"Now I know that little money can do great deeds." He told volunteers that he wants to be a monthly donor. Although he makes about RM500 a month, he insists on donating 10% of it.

More than 30 students from SK Bandar Hilir received the grant-in-aid. Their Asst. Headmaster, Madam Tan, attended the presentation and took back 60 bamboo banks for the other teachers in her school and for her relatives. She believes they would be happy to do good deeds through this method.

Through the grant-in-aid presentation, some families found that they are not that poor after all. Many parents and students took home a bamboo bank each as they understood that one can easily do good deeds by accumulating small change everyday. It is hoped that the love from society can help the students study without worry.


The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


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