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Nov 18th
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Recycling Made Easier - The conveyor's special creative features

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Recycling Made Easier
The conveyor's special creative features
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The conveyor's special creative features
The conveyor is a sizeable piece of equipment that needs a powerful motor. Wang chose a cost-effective three-phase motor that generates high horsepower but low noise.

Wang had to look far and wide for a suitable frequency inverter which would allow the conveyor to run at variable speeds on demand. The equipment that he eventually found is adaptable to both industrial and home-use voltages. Home-use power is more economical.

Made of polyethylene, the belt is pliable, waterproof, resistant to most solutions, impervious to punctures, and tough enough to handle the heavy weight of some recycled items. The polyethylene belt is also very easy to clean up after use. The liquids that leak out of containers stay on the belt without leaking through to the underside of the conveyor or to the ground. At the end of the conveyor is a built-in canister to catch the liquid collected on the belt. This keeps volunteers dry and the working environment much more pleasant. Moreover, a canopy has been erected over the conveyor to protect volunteers from the sun and rain.

If I Get Tired, So Will Others
From the inventor

Wang Chun-xiong

Sorting through recyclables sounds simple. In reality, it can be quite complicated and there are no shortcuts. The neat appearance of the recycling station is deceiving, in that it masks the physical and mental exertions required of the volunteers.

The work has a way of taking its toll on you over time. I figured that if I got tired, others were getting tired too. Especially disconcerting was to see elderly volunteers bending down over and over again, or working in uncomfortable postures that made them tired and achy. I felt I had to do something to bring them some relief!

When I started building this conveyor, I didn't even know how to weld. But I didn't let that stop me. I consulted with others who could give me advice, and I slowly taught myself. Constructing the machine made a lot of noise, but I chose to work on weekends when fewer of my neighbors were home.

I am grateful that I was able to complete the project in just two months. The conveyor has proved to be a great help for the volunteers at many recycling stations. Volunteers can now work in more comfortable, less tiring postures. As an added benefit, their productivity has also improved.

I have worked full-time as a volunteer since I retired from my job at the factory. I mainly work on recycling electronics in the dismantling/disassembling area. I have volunteered here for eight years. I feel that I am very blessed to be able to do recycling here.


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