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Nov 18th
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Recycling Made Easier - Precious Volunteers' Hands

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Recycling Made Easier
The conveyor's special creative features
The Stripper
Precious Volunteers' Hands
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Precious Volunteers' Hands
From the inventor

Cai Zong-yuan

You might think, "What's the big deal in slicing a fissure in the outer coating of a wire?" This seemingly trivial task can prove to be quite thorny. First, you need to untangle and straighten the wires. Then you need to hold the wire in place while you use a box cutter or utility knife to slice along the length of the wire. This is quite difficult, as the wire is very thin and the knife easily slips off.

All these steps require the small muscles in the hands. Over time, volunteers' hands tend to get swollen and sore. Small cuts are also inevitable. Furthermore, it's hard to completely remove the insulation from the wire when sliced by hand. Even small pieces of insulation stuck to the wire render it unrecyclable. Thus, it is necessary to completely separate the wire coating from the metal, both of which can then be recycled and reused.

Some unscrupulous companies want the profits from selling reclaimed metal from the wires, but they don't want to painstakingly separate the coating from the metal. So they simply burn the unseparated wires to get rid of the coating and get at the prized metal inside. This is a very poor practice. The fumes produced contaminate the atmosphere and pollute the earth.

I designed and built this stripper to serve our recycling volunteers, to give them a safer, more convenient and pleasing work environment. Hopefully, using such a device can attract them to do recycling and keep them at it longer.

Currently, there are about 150 wire strippers in use in our recycling stations throughout Taiwan. I am really happy my machines can make the recycling work easier for our volunteers. All my wire strippers come with a lifetime guarantee. If anyone has any problem using it, just give me a call and I will cheerfully help you solve the problem.

By Guo Shu-hong
Translated by Tang Yau-yang
Photographs by Lin Yan-huang


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