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May 26th
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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010) - 01/01~31/2010

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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)
12/14 ~ 31/2009
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01/31/2010 Many Well-wishes for Residents of Shanlin Great Love Villege

01/30/2010 A Case of Transformation and the Need for Vegetarianism

01/29/2010 Gathering the Love of All to Care for Quake Survivors in Haiti

01/28/2010 Working Together to Bring About a Model Housing Community

01/27/2010 Purifying Our Mind and Inspiring Love in Others

01/26/2010 Coming Together to Support Relief in Haiti

01/25/2010 Celebrating the Third Anniversary of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital

01/24/2010 Giving Aid to Haiti and Planning for Its Rebuilding

01/23/2010 Using Compassion and Wisdom to Consider Haiti's Long-term Relief

01/22/2010 Walking the Path of Compassion

01/21/2010 Paving the Path for Mid-term Relief in Haiti

01/20/2010 Inspiring Goodness in People and Helping One Another in Times of Need

01/19/2010 Making Preparations for Relief in Haiti

01/18/2010 Bringing a Sense of Mission into the Work of Medicine

01/17/2010 Mobilizing Volunteers Worldwide to Help Haiti

01/16/2010 Preparing for Haiti Relief with Wisdom and Compassion

01/15/2010 Gathering the Love of All to Bring Humanitarian Aid to Haiti

01/14/2010 Being Aware of Life's Impermanence and Seizing Time to Benefit Others

01/13/2010 Witnessing the Power of Love and Goodness

01/12/2010 Striving to Inspire Goodness in More People Worldwide

01/11/2010 Nurturing Our Compassion While Gaining Wisdom

01/10/2010 Giving Care and Guidance to Prison Inmates

01/09/2010 A Knowledgeable Professor with A Child's Pure Heart

01/08/2010 Practicing Self-discipline to Benefit Ourselves and Others

01/07/2010 Bringing Aid to Those Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions

01/06/2010 Helping the Needy Clean Their Homes and Correct Their False Beliefs

01/05/2010 Living an Environmentally-friendly Life

01/04/2010 A Safe Home Built with Great Love

01/03/2010 Bodhisattvas Who Diligently Cultivate Blessings and Wisdom

01/02/2010 Doing Spiritual Cultivation at the Start of the New Year

01/01/2010 Welcoming the New Year by Seizing Time to Benefit Others


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