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May 26th
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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)

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Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)
12/14 ~ 31/2009
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Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

05/31/2010 Tzu Chi's Second Aid Distribution in Chile

05/30/2010 The Profound Dharma Behind Recycling

05/29/2010 The Great Vows and Perseverance of Tzu Chi Volunteers in Jordan

05/28/2010 Inspiring Kindness, Compassion and Wisdom for a World of Peace and Harmony

05/27/2010 Nurturing the Seed of Goodness Within

05/26/2010 Making Good Teachings Widespread to Bring About a Better World

05/25/2010 Leading an Environmentally Friendly Life to Help Prevent Natural Disasters

05/24/2010 Seeing the Light of Hope in Haiti

05/23/2010 A Youthful Movement to Save the Planet

05/22/2010 Shining the Light of Life

05/21/2010 Emulating the Heart of the Buddha and Practicing His Teachings in Daily Life

05/20/2010 Harboring a Broad and Loving Heart for a World of Peace and Harmony

05/19/2010 Dedicating Ourselves to Recycling and Putting Safety First

05/18/2010 Dedicating Oneself to the Greater Good Despite All Obstacles

05/17/2010 The Efforts of Building Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

05/16/2010 The Mission of Safeguarding Life with Love

05/15/2010 The Inspiring Story of Parikin and the Bodhisattva Mission in Indonesia

05/14/2010 Bringing Out the Goodness and Wisdom in the Young

05/13/2010 Rebuilding Schools of Hope in Sichuan

05/12/2010 Seizing Every Chance to Spread the Buddha's Teachings

05/11/2010 Bringing Out the Beauty of Religion

05/10/2010 A Global Celebration of Buddha Day

05/09/2010 Celebrating Buddha Day, Mother's Day, and Tzu Chi Day

05/08/2010 The Fifth Anniversary of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

05/07/2010 Celebrating Tzu Chi's 44th Anniversary and Preparing for the Buddha Day Ceremonies

05/06/2010 Taking Care of Our Mind and Taking Action to Protect the Earth

05/05/2010 Inspiring People to Harbor Gratitude and Be Filial to Their Parents

05/04/2010 Inspiring People to Return to Their Original, Pure Nature

05/03/2010 Helping Cyclone Survivors in Myanmar

05/02/2010 Inspiring Love, Nurturing Bodhicitta

05/01/2010 Blessed by a Privileged Mission

Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

04/30/2010 Doing Recycling for a Healthier Body and Mind

04/29/2010 Accepting Life's Impermanence and Diligently Cultivating Our Wisdom-life

04/28/2010 Tzu Chi's Cultural Mission---Passing On the Beauty of Human Nature

04/27/2010 Making Use of Our Abilities to Do Good

04/26/2010 Transforming Garbage into a Treasure

04/25/2010 BAllowing the Spirit of Buddhism to Reach All the World

04/24/2010 Be the Guardian of the Earth

04/23/2010 Emulating the Spirit of Venerable Dharma Masters

04/22/2010 Caring for the Earth and All Lives with a Calm and Still Mind

04/21/2010 Returning to Our Original, Pure Nature and Helping Spread Buddhism Worldwide

04/20/2010 Exercising Compassion and Wisdom in Walking the Bodhisattva Path

04/19/2010 Purifying Our Heart for Buddha Day

04/18/2010 One Big Family at Shanlin Great Love Complex

04/17/2010 Touching Truth in the Midst of Tzu Chi Work

04/16/2010 Bringing Out the Beauty of Buddhism

04/15/2010 Creating a Better World by Recycling

04/14/2010 Sharing Good Teachings with the Young and Guiding Them to Give

04/13/2010 Sowing Seeds of Love in Places of Suffering

04/12/2010 Water, the Giver of Life

04/11/2010 A Heart in Harmony, A Wonderful World

04/10/2010 The Importance of Following Life's Principles

04/09/2010 Carrying Out Tzu Chi's Recycling Effort in Sichuan, China

04/08/2010Tapping into the Wellspring of Love Within

04/07/2010Living Vigilantly to Care for the Earth and Our Own Hearts and Minds

04/06/2010 Helping the Suffering and Eating Vegetarian for a Better World

04/05/2010The Meaning of Tomb Sweeping Day

04/04/2010 Perseverance, Wisdom, and Love in the Haiti Emergency Relief Effort

04/03/2010 Guiding Disaster Survivors to Rebuild Their Lives

04/02/2010 Spreading Wholesome Teachings to Inspire Goodness in People

04/01/2010 Witnessing Love and Gratitude in South America

04/01/2010 UWitnessing Love and Gratitude in South America

Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

03/31/2010 Inspiring the people of Haiti to Find the Bodhisattva Within

03/30/2010 Nurturing the Seeds of Love in People Around the World

03/29/2010 Respect and Love in Chile Quake Relief

03/28/2010 Tzu Chi Recycling Volunteers: Protecting Earth with Concrete Actions

03/27/2010 Be Vegetarian to Protect Our Planet

03/26/2010 Cherishing Water---The Source of All Life

03/25/2010 Inspiring People around Us to Serve as Living Bodhisattvas

03/24/2010 Caring for the Earth and the People Living on It

03/23/2010 Looking After Our Minds for a Blessed and Harmonious Society

03/22/2010 Building Houses for Morakot Survivors in Tainan and Pingtung Counties

03/21/2010 Using Wisdom in Relief Work & Protecting Life with Vegetarianism

03/20/2010 Inspiring Hearts of Giving

03/19/2010 Respecting and Loving Mother Earth to Help Relieve the World of Disasters

03/18/2010 The Need to Purify People's Minds and Nurture Seeds of Love

03/17/2010 Working United to Bring Aid and Stability to Those Affected by Disasters

03/16/2010 Bringing Medical Aid to the Poor in Sri Lanka with Great Love

03/15/2010 The True Spirit of Medicine & A Heartwarming Distribution in Haiti

03/14/2010 Two Life-Saving Hospitals, in Guanshan and Yuli

03/13/2010 Reflecting on the Self and the Workings of Karma

03/12/2010 Inspiring More People to Walk on the Upright Path

03/11/2010 Inspiring Love in Others and Relieving the Suffering of All

03/10/2010 Curbing Our Desires and Dedicating Ourselves to Doing Good

03/09/2010 Giving Selflessly and Caring for All like Family

03/08/2010 The Invaluable Life of Silent Mentors

03/07/2010 Rebuilding Schools in Myanmar and Diligently Cultivate Ourselves

03/06/2010 The Insights of Awakened Beings

03/05/2010 Reducing Our Desires for a World Free of Disasters

03/04/2010 Taking Care of Our Mind to Help Mitigate Disasters in the World

03/03/2010 Spreading Good Words to Inspire Goodness in People

03/02/2010 Purifying the Hearts of All to Alleviate Disasters

03/01/2010 Waking Up from Alarming Disasters

Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

02/28/2010 Caring for the Heart of the Patient

02/27/2010 Having the Faith of Selfless Love

02/26/2010 Seizing Time to Learn and Pass on the Dharma

02/25/2010 Being Filial to Parents and Loving All People on Earth

02/24/2010 Sowing Seeds of Selfless Great Love in People Everywhere

02/23/2010 Seizing Time to Do Good and Living an Environmentally Friendly Life

02/22/2010 Paving the Path of Our Life

02/21/2010 Being a Bodhisattva on Holidays and Every Day

02/20/2010 The Importance of Good Thoughts for Peace

02/19/2010 Witnessing Tzu Chi's Values of Humanity in Fuding City, China

02/18/2010 Seizing Time to Serve Others as a Form of Spiritual Cultivation

02/17/2010 Cultivating Ourselves with Sincere Piety and Spreading Great Love Far and Wide

02/16/2010 Winter Aid Distributions in China

02/15/2010 Returning Our Hearts to Our Initial Bodhisattva Vows

02/14/2010 Renewing and Transforming Ourselves Every Day

02/13/2010 Reflections on Goodness on the Eve of the Chinese New Year

02/12/2010 The Joys and Sorrows of Life

02/11/2010 Morakot Survivors Settling into a Housing Village Built with Great Love

02/10/2010 Working Tirelessly to Build Permanent Homes for Morakot Survivors

02/09/2010 Paving a Broad Path in Life by Benefiting Others with Great Love

02/08/2010 The Wonder of Enlightened Love and Karmic Affinities

02/07/2010 Good Thoughts and Good Deeds at Tzu Chi's Annual Winter Distribution

02/06/2010 Helping Disaster Survivors Rebuild a New Life

02/05/2010 Sowing Seeds of Love Through Relief Efforts

02/04/2010 Gathering Love Worldwide to Help Quake Survivors in Haiti

02/03/2010 Carrying Out Relief Efforts in Haiti with Love and Wisdom

02/02/2010 Working in Unity to Help Disaster Survivors

02/01/2010 Racing Against Time to Complete Shanlin Great Love Village

Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

01/31/2010 Many Well-wishes for Residents of Shanlin Great Love Villege

01/30/2010 A Case of Transformation and the Need for Vegetarianism

01/29/2010 Gathering the Love of All to Care for Quake Survivors in Haiti

01/28/2010 Working Together to Bring About a Model Housing Community

01/27/2010 Purifying Our Mind and Inspiring Love in Others

01/26/2010 Coming Together to Support Relief in Haiti

01/25/2010 Celebrating the Third Anniversary of Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital

01/24/2010 Giving Aid to Haiti and Planning for Its Rebuilding

01/23/2010 Using Compassion and Wisdom to Consider Haiti's Long-term Relief

01/22/2010 Walking the Path of Compassion

01/21/2010 Paving the Path for Mid-term Relief in Haiti

01/20/2010 Inspiring Goodness in People and Helping One Another in Times of Need

01/19/2010 Making Preparations for Relief in Haiti

01/18/2010 Bringing a Sense of Mission into the Work of Medicine

01/17/2010 Mobilizing Volunteers Worldwide to Help Haiti

01/16/2010 Preparing for Haiti Relief with Wisdom and Compassion

01/15/2010 Gathering the Love of All to Bring Humanitarian Aid to Haiti

01/14/2010 Being Aware of Life's Impermanence and Seizing Time to Benefit Others

01/13/2010 Witnessing the Power of Love and Goodness

01/12/2010 Striving to Inspire Goodness in More People Worldwide

01/11/2010 Nurturing Our Compassion While Gaining Wisdom

01/10/2010 Giving Care and Guidance to Prison Inmates

01/09/2010 A Knowledgeable Professor with A Child's Pure Heart

01/08/2010 Practicing Self-discipline to Benefit Ourselves and Others

01/07/2010 Bringing Aid to Those Affected by Extreme Weather Conditions

01/06/2010 Helping the Needy Clean Their Homes and Correct Their False Beliefs

01/05/2010 Living an Environmentally-friendly Life

01/04/2010 A Safe Home Built with Great Love

01/03/2010 Bodhisattvas Who Diligently Cultivate Blessings and Wisdom

01/02/2010 Doing Spiritual Cultivation at the Start of the New Year

01/01/2010 Welcoming the New Year by Seizing Time to Benefit Others

Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

12/31/2009 Seeds of Love Sprouting and Taking Root in Bolivia

12/30/2009 Witnessing the Power of Love in Indonesia

12/29/2009 Bringing Peace and Harmony to the World by Purifying People's Minds

12/28/2009 A Prayer Ceremony in Manila Uniting People in Love and Peace

12/27/2009 To Pray for a Disaster-free World

12/26/2009 A Ceremony in Malaysia Inspiring Tens of Thousands

12/25/2009 Reflecting on the Path of Recovery for Survivors of the 2004 Asian Tsunami

12/24/2009 Tzu Chi Volunteers Bringing Warmth to All During the Holiday Season

12/23/2009 The Loving Heart of Tzu Chi Doctors and Volunteers

12/22/2009 The Vow of Tzu Chi Volunteers - Walking the Tzu Chi Path Life After Life

12/21/2009 Inspiring More Bodhisattvas in Our World

12/20/2009 The Benefits of Eating Vegetarian

12/19/2009 Changing Our Lifestyles to Truly Save the Planet

12/18/2009 Eliminating Disasters by Inspiring Everyone to Do Good

12/17/2009 Seizing Time to Nurture Our Wisdom-life and Inspire Others to Walk the Tzu Chi Path

12/16/2009 Working United as One Family to Carry Out Tzu Chi's Work

12/15/2009 Creating a Cycle of Love by Inspiring More People to Give

12/14/2009 A United Effort to Save Lives through Organ Donation

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