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Jul 04th
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HELP HAITI WITH LOVE!(San Dimas, CA, USA) Tzu Chi volunteer attends NGO meetings in Haiti. Tzu Chi will provide immediate, mid-term and long-term relief in Haiti. First phase of fundraising has begun in 15 countries.

It is the 5th day after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. A Tzu Chi volunteer in Haiti, Steeve, who previously helped with Tzu Chi’s 2009 relief efforts in Port-au-Prince and Cité Soleil, has been in contact with the Tzu Chi Emergency Coordination Center in San Dimas on a daily basis. Steeve is representing Tzu Chi at NGO meetings in Haiti, discussing how the NGOs can collaborate to provide relief.Read more...

Tzu Chis Relief Team is on Standby

Tzu Chis Relief Team is on StandbyAt least 350,000 packs of instant rice, 500,000 of corn powder and other relief ... Read more...

Typhoon Survivors Give to Haiti

Typhoon Survivors Give to HaitiThey were victims of Typhoon Morakot which struck Taiwan last August and are recei... Read more...

Help Haiti with Love

Help Haiti with LoveTzu Chi USA established an emergency coordination center and initiates a nationw... Read more...

Tzu Chi to Send Instant Rice, Blankets for Haiti Victims

Tzu Chi to Send Instant Rice, Blankets for Haiti VictimsThe Tzu Chi Foundation is preparing to send 350,000 packs of instant rice and 50... Read more...
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