Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation

Sep 23rd
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Wheelchairs & Railroads

Wheelchairs & Railroads Two days a week, uniformed Tzu Chi volunteers gather at the Zhanghua railroad station. On Fridays, they assist handicapped schoolchildren off their school bus and wheel them aboard their trains to go home; on Sundays, the volunteers do the reverse, helping those same children transfer from the trains back to the school bus for the trip back to their dorms.Read more...

The Eco Duo

The Eco DuoSitting across from 52-year-old Qu Su-min (曲素珉), I stretched my neck to get a cl... Read more...

Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile

Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile It has been a few months since a powerful earthquake in February rocked the Sout... Read more...

Ding Hua’s Recycling Route

Ding Hua’s Recycling RouteRiding around the city of Kaohsiung on her motor scooter, recycling volunteer Di... Read more...

Martial Arts Teacher Becomes Pioneer of Tzu Chi in Jordan

Martial Arts Teacher Becomes Pioneer of Tzu Chi in JordanIn 1974, a Taiwanese man of 24 arrived in Jordan to teach martial arts to the co... Read more...
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