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Sep 23rd
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Simplicity as A Lifestyle - Jing Gui Xie

Simplicity as A Lifestyle - Jing Gui Xie When I was young I had the ambition to be a "good person". I used to admire Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa for their selflessness in serving others. I think to myself: They are both human beings, so am I. If they can do it, so can I.

At 30, my annual earning was already a few million NT dollars. At times after all the happy hours and late nights, I used to ask myself, "Is that what you really want?"Read more...

Simplicity as A Lifestyle - Hua De Huang

Simplicity as A Lifestyle - Hua De Huang I have been in the textile garment business for 37 years. I have more than 10,00... Read more...

Pinching Eco-Pennies, Every Kilowatt Counts

Pinching Eco-Pennies, Every Kilowatt CountsAs a long-time employee of Taiwan Power Company, Jian Dong-liang knows that ever... Read more...

The Art of Helping Others

The Art of Helping OthersLai Mei-zhi, age 73, has been making regular house calls and caring for the need... Read more...

A Delicious Life

A Delicious LifeAn expert in Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines, Lu Qing-tan had been a master chef... Read more...
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