Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation

Aug 11th
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Recycling Made Easier

Recycling Made EasierRecycling is often touted as an easy way to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. And recycling materials is easy--from the consumers' point of view. But preparing raw recyclables for resale is more time-consuming and arduous than many realize.Read more...

Yes, I Will Reuse

Yes, I Will ReuseIf each person were to use just one disposable paper meal container a day (many ... Read more...

Hopen in the Karst Hills

Hopen in the Karst HillsThere is literally not enough dirt to go around. Not by a long shot. The rocky, ... Read more...

Maintaining the Natural Beauty of Penghu

Maintaining the Natural Beauty of PenghuPenghu County, located off the southwestern coast of Taiwan, covers an archipela... Read more...

The Selfless Great Love of Body and Organ Donors

The Selfless Great Love of Body and Organ DonorsIn life, the body is something we use to accomplish many things, but we ultimate... Read more...
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