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Aug 15th
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How Can We Not Love Our Children?

How Can We Not Love Our Children?South African teachers and students boarded a plane in Johannesburg, South Africa, and flew across the Indian Ocean, over Madagascar and many little islands, and then changed planes in Hong Kong for Taiwan. "Going to Taiwan" had seemed quite unthinkable to them. This was the first time they had ever gone to Johannesburg, flown on a plane, left South Africa, seen the ocean, and visited Master Cheng Yen in person. These little children sang and danced and won our love. Even the teachers were shaken by what they witnessed. They promised that they would never stop teaching their children.Read more...

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South Asia

Indian Ocean Tsunami in South AsiaJust after Christmas,
an overwhelming undersea earthquake
caused a series of Tsuna...

Bam, Iran Earthquake

Bam, Iran EarthquakeWithout any warning, a 600 year-old ancient city, Bam, disappeared before dawn; ... Read more...

Indonesia Flooding from Angke River

Indonesia Flooding from Angke RiverA river flowing with blood, a river polluted with human waste, a river flooded i... Read more...
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