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Jun 01st
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Teaching Recycling in Factories

Teaching Recycling in FactoriesIn the past year, nearly 20 companies in the greater Shanghai area have started recycling programs in their factories. Such factories have been turned into real-life classrooms that teach employees and employers alike--some for the first time--about environmental protection. People who take the classes then become practitioners of and messengers for the cause of environmental protection.Read more...

New Zealand - Gifts for Insoll Avenue School

New Zealand - Gifts for Insoll Avenue School Eight Tzu Chi volunteers went to Insoll Avenue School in Hamilton to present 120... Read more...

Myanmar - Volunteers Entered

Myanmar - Volunteers Entered On May 10, Tzu Chi volunteers entered Myanmar for the first time in the history ... Read more...

Canada - planting trees in Whiteoaks Park

Canada - planting trees in Whiteoaks ParkTo help curb global warming, the city government of Mississauga, Ontario, and th... Read more...

A New School For Hambantota

A New School For HambantotaThe Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 was the largest and most destructive in recorde... Read more...
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