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Jul 05th
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Garbage in Paradise

Garbage in ParadiseIn April 2007, a barge crossing from Penang Island to Seberang Perai, on the Malay Peninsula, sank into the depths of the Strait of Malacca. Tons upon tons of the cargo--garbage from the heavily urbanized island--floated to the surface of the sea, seriously polluting the surrounding waters. This incident spotlighted an issue that Penang Island and other densely inhabited metropolitan areas in Malaysia had dreaded to face but had not been able to wish away: exporting their garbage to somebody else's backyard.Read more...

Recycling for the Sick

Recycling for the SickIn 1997 Tzu Chi volunteers opened the Tzu Chi Dialysis Center on Penang Island t... Read more...

Let's Protect the Earth Together

Let's Protect the Earth Together [ Master's Teachings ] The insatiable greed of humanity is seriously damaging our p... Read more...

A Life of Quality and Value

A Life of Quality and Value [ Master's Teaching ]
We should all learn to subdue ourselves and practice self-dis... Read more...

The Quality Control Team

The Quality Control TeamThe 649-unit Tzu Chi Great Love Village in the village of Siribopura, Hambantota... Read more...
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