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Dec 07th
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Old Schools Reborn

Old Schools RebornThe old school buildings in Yangon, Myanmar, were rich in history and beauty, but they were no match for Nargis, a violent cyclone that swept through the country in May 2008. Nearly 70 percent of the schools were damaged or destroyed. However, the terrible destruction wrought by the cyclone also brought forth an unprecedented opportunity for new birth.Read more...

Myanmar - Volunteers Entered

Myanmar - Volunteers Entered On May 10, Tzu Chi volunteers entered Myanmar for the first time in the history ... Read more...

A New School For Hambantota

A New School For HambantotaThe Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 was the largest and most destructive in recorde... Read more...

A Life of Quality and Value

A Life of Quality and Value [ Master's Teaching ]
We should all learn to subdue ourselves and practice self-dis... Read more...

The Quality Control Team

The Quality Control TeamThe 649-unit Tzu Chi Great Love Village in the village of Siribopura, Hambantota... Read more...
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