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Sep 23rd
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Wisdom vs. Superstition

Wisdom vs. Superstition[Master's Teachings]
In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, many people make offerings of food and burn paper money for their ancestors, hoping that it will help them in their afterlife. This practice, however, does not help the deceased because it is the karma they have created which determines their fate after they have passed away. There is a story in the sutra that illustrates this.Read more...

The Month of Auspiciousness

The Month of Auspiciousness [ Master's Teachings ]
Editor’s note: In observing the Chinese tradition of the sev... Read more...

Giving with a Pure Heart

Giving with a Pure Heart [ Master's Teachings ]
The Buddha teaches us that we must not cultivate only to ben... Read more...

Healing Our Minds to Save the Earth

Healing Our Minds to Save the Earth[ Words to Volunteers ] The impact of global warming is becoming more serious. In ... Read more...

Self-reflect and Repent to Mitigate Disasters

Self-reflect and Repent to Mitigate Disasters[ Words to Volunteers ]
Climate changes have been causing disasters around the worl... Read more...
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