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Jun 02nd
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How to Cultivate Ourselves

How to Cultivate Ourselves [ Master's Teachings]
When members of the Buddhist Japanese humanitarian organization Rissho Kosei Kai visited Tzu Chi and met Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a young woman in the group spoke about how, while she was visiting, she was struck by the way Tzu Chi volunteers all aspire to have the same spirit as their teacher, Dharma Master Cheng Yen. This had inspired her to make the resolution to cultivate herself and aspire to the same spirit as the founder of her organization, Rev. Nikkyo Niwano. However, she could foresee this would not be easy for her because her personality is rather strong-willed and stubborn. Therefore, she asked the Master for her advice on how one can cultivate oneself and stay committed to self-cultivation.Read more...

Penang State Gives Highest Civilian Honor to Master Cheng Yen

Penang State Gives Highest Civilian Honor to Master Cheng YenIn recognition of the 19 years of work by the Tzu Chi Foundation in Malaysia, th... Read more...

A Society of Love and Giving

A Society of Love and Giving [ Master's Teachings ]
When she visited Dharma Master Cheng Yen, a former governmen... Read more...

Cherishing Nature's Resources

Cherishing Nature's Resources[Life Wisdom]
2012/06/06 Cherishing Nature's Resources

Traveling the Ten Realms

Traveling the Ten Realms [ Master's Teachings ]
In Buddhism, we speak of ten realms of existence: the six mu... Read more...
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