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Jun 06th
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Mission of Culture

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What is meant by “humanities"? There is an innate beauty in human beings and the legacy people leave behind due to their exemplary character. Each of Tzu Chi’s missions is human-oriented: everyone is expected to behave in a moral way and with proper manners and respect nature. When Tzu Chi started its mission of charity, it already contained the seeds of humanity. This humanity is also closely linked to medicine, education and the other missions.

Integrating with Chinese culture, the mission of humanities aims to purify the hearts and souls of human beings and guide those who are deluded into the correct path. It also aims to write human history and create a cycle of love and goodness.

The mission of Da Ai Television is ‘care for the community’ and ‘respect for life’. Da Ai promotes truthfulness, kindness, and gracious all over the world. Da Ai Television is not to make profit but for the good of public with a policy of accurate reporting and promotion of kindness to set a high moral standard in the community in order to inspire the good nature from the public.

Mission of Culture

  • 1967: Published the first Tzu Chi Monthly
  • 1998: Da Ai Television began broadcasting;the start of Rhythms Monthly
  • 2005: Tzu Chi Communication and Culture Foundation set up
  • Jing Si Bookstore and Cafe: 55