Tzu Chi Assists Food, Stationery to Poor in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, 10 March 2010 11:50 Tzu Chi Foundation
The love of Tzu Chi covers the world, from the tent cities of Port-au-Prince to the slums of Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is home to some of the richest people in South America, who live in spacious homes with well-kept gardens and dozens of servants. On the other side of the railway tracks is Villa Lujan, Quilmes, where residents struggle to survive day to day. It is to a public canteen there that volunteers deliver food every month, to provide children with a balanced diet. They also give them stationery and a hair-cut.

Travelling on foot or by bicycle, children and adults arrived early at the aid distribution center. The provisions were a godsend to parents living on the poverty line with their children. When the children received the brand-new uniforms and schoolbags, their faces lit up with joy; the volunteers hope that the gifts will empower the children in their education. Each bag contained a notebook, pencils, eraser and ruler – the stationery that every student needs. Since a good education requires cleanliness outside as well as inside, the volunteers gave free haircuts to 219 boys and girls. They wanted to give them a fresh start on their long academic journey.

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