Tzu Chi 2011 Year in Review (Video)

Monday, 09 January 2012 15:07 Tzu Chi Foundation
The world is full of suffering. Many people suffer from disasters, natural and man-made. Tzu Chi’s Review of the Year for 2011 tells the story of the footprints of its volunteers around the world.

During the spring, floods and earthquakes devastated Australia and New Zealand. In March, Japan was struck by several disasters. They showed the imbalances of the Four Elements in Nature.

The foundation carried out ten relief distributions for the survivors of Typhoon Washi in the Philippines and rebuilt schools in Haiti. These activities were not added to the video.

When disasters occurred around the world, survivors and volunteers supported each other. They bore witness to love in the face of terrible suffering.

Tzu Chi 2011 Year in Review (Video)

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