Ң ିຎᑻΑᇇົĂۧٚҢ ܟ Ķ൑ቡ ̂ຎăТវ̂ೌķ̝͕ ه Ă ڇ ᓕ ˯ О ˭ ึ˯ˠĶ ࠎ Ңିă ࠎ ிϠķ̝Ԡ ༼Ăଂְᑻళିಱ̝ԠຽĄ ЯѩĂԧࣇ۞நຐ ߏ Ĉͽຎೌಈ଺ ̝͕Ă੓ାࡴାᙱ̝ҖĂ̟ሄ٥ࡴĂ቙ ౄ୻າሒஐ̝ຎᑻ͵ࠧĄ ԧࣇ۞͞ ߏڱ Ĉͽநְ๪Ꮙ̝ം ᇊĂ˧ᔛ͇˭ච̀ĂТਆ˘͞჊ϣć๔ ങ༱Ꮋ͕ቷĂТౄຑ۞ۤົĄ ԧࣇ۞̍ү ߏ Ĉะຎචăᗁᒚăି ֈᄃˠ͛α̂Ԡຽ ٺ ˘ᚤĄ ҃ԧࣇ۞ჟৠ ߏ ྕăϒă ܫ ă၁Ą ԧࣇஎ ܫ ிϠπඈĂˠˠ׍ѣҢّĂΪࢋ ਕଂຎ ܝ ˢĂυਕ˘᎚Ң ܝ ۞ఄᚑ࡚ӻ໒ ૅćΪࢋਕଂච ܝ ˢĂಱ۰ ߉ ̝Ăυਕ଀ ჊҃ሄćళ۰ צ ̝Ăυਕ଀ା҃щĄ ˠϠ൑૱ĂϠ׻ᐌ࣌͟ీĂԧࣇᑕ ྍԯ೪ᙱ଀۞ˠϠĂౄචЯă଀ච ڍ Ă ̖̙࡭ѣஎˢᚗ̋Ă۩҃͘а̝ጹĄ ຎᑻ؎ࣶͽംᇊ࠹ඕЪĂͽຑ͕ ࠹Ԭ޺Ăͽঅ౼̝Яቡᛸ͘ᔮՎ ٺ ඳᖠ ྽˯Ą ԧࣇ۞؎ࣶĂЯ ࠎ ਕૉĶͽҢ͕ ࠎ ͕̎ķĂ ߇ ˘ீ៍ॡ˼ீ៍ćਕૉ ĶͽरԠ ࠎ ̎ԠķĂ ߇ ˘͘જॡ˼͘ જĂჷᓏାࡴĂӈॡྋᙱĂңள ٺ ៍͵ ࢰඳᖠ̝˼͘˼ீĄ Ķ˘͡೼ன˼ѯͪĂ˼ѯͪ͡˘͡ ᛷķĂҢ ܟ ͽຎீෛிϠĂ ܥڱ ೼ ߉ Ă ߇ ˼̋ᚮսĂңඈຎೌĊ˫ңඈംᇊĊ ˲ԧຎᑻ؎ࣶౌᑕͽϒ ܫ ăϒ ه Ă ˧Җຎᑻච྽Ăͽ၁ᅫ̝ણᄃĂវुϠ ҁঽѪăјҝᗼ۩̝ৌᏒĂཏඉཏ˧Ă В౹ຎᑻԠຽ ٺ ˼ ࡌ ĂТ็࡚᜖ ٺ ͵ ΃Ăගҋ̎঻˭ˠϠ࡚р۞аጸĂឰ̄ गͽ̫͇ԧࣇٙઇ۞ ࠎ ၷĄ Ķ୬݈ۢ͵ЯĂ̫Ϡ צ ۰ ߏ ć୬ۢ ֽ͵ ڍ Ă̫Ϡઇ۰ ߏ Ąķˠ֗ᙱ଀̫̏ ଀Ăдඳᖠ྽˯Ăԧࣇᑕྍ݌஠ჟซĂ ឰຑ͕·႕ԧࣇ۞ۤົĂឰԧࣇ۞ۤົ ѣච۞ೈᒖĂ఺̖ ߏ ჊ᇊᗕ࣒ăϒ ܫ ă ϒ ه ۞Ң ܝ ԙ̄Ą ᙸᄃٙѣ۞ຎᑻˠВ ݍ ̝Ą ຎᑻԠ֏ ˘ă̙ 殺 Ϡ ˟ă̙એ൸ ˬă̙֢஋ αă̙нᄬ ̣ă̙฼੧ ̱ă̙٩ඵă̙ӛ߲ă̙ᚒᕠຼ ˛ă̙ኯ౾ă̙Ը፟ פ μ ˣăԂึͭϓăአ׶ᓏҒ ˝ăᏲчϹ఼ఢ݋ ˩ă̙ણᄃ ڼ߆ ߿જăϯ ރ ྼҖ 1.Do not kill 2.Do not steal 3.Do not fornicate 4.Do not lie 5.Do not drink alcohol 6.Do not smoke, use drugs, or chew betel nuts 7.Do not gamble or speculate 8.Respect your parents and be moderate in speech and attitude 9.Follow the traffic regulations 10.Do not participate in politics or demonstrations ຎᑻ˩Ԧ